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A selection of 6 products leading a contemporary theme, that will always attract the customer.
Great functionality and interesting design with good value for the consumers.
Perfect for washing, drying, dressing and serving all salads.
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Prodotti tematici, l'insalata Prodotti tematici, il caffè Prodotti tematici, la griglia
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The promotional display is made of sturdy triple cardboard, pictured and customized with the proposed theme.
It is delivered fully assembled and palletized complete with the products for the initial filling and the spare products for re-filling for the duration of the campaign.
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Place the display in the selling area and following the enclosed instructions fill with the products, most of them are already boxed and add the price tags.
One important issue: the refilling!
Sales will be fast, keep an eye on the display and take care of the refilling with spare products.
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The delivered quantities are well tailored for a 2 weeks campaign.
Additional quantities can be prepared in 24 hours, in case of success beyond expectation.
Vortice salad spinner
Ø 26 cm
Art. 2550
S/s bowl
Ø 24 cm
Art. 1161
S/s bowl
Ø 18 cm
Art. 1160
Salad hands
Art. 319
Dressing sprayer
Art. 2557
Salt and pepper grinder
Art. 2556